Yi Lin

Art image and drawing has always been my primary means to expressing art.

For me, the artistic role is about connecting with specific social groups. I have always been fascinated by people and eager to explore their social and cultural connections in
relation to my own. Through mutual participation and communication, I hope to better understand their specific social ties and feelings of ‘fit’ or difference. By talking with
people and documenting the process in varying ways, my research creates data that can be observed, analysed and reworked to make such interrelations visible.

Verbal communication has always been my primary means of learning about the world, so it is logical to use this as the starting point for visual interrogations of identity. My work records and shows what I see and hear in daily life as I come across different people. The collision of ideas and experiences that results, is transformed through video and photography.

In the future, I will continue to interpret social issues from multiple angles. Moving image will be my main language, however drawing will act as an auxiliary method.