Pawel Tajer

Drawing was always my technique of choice. Drawing still is my technique of choice. I want it to be a starting point for further exploration. Drawing that I start needs to lead me to new places. I try to bring it to a point when I cannot say where it begins or ends. Art fascinates me as a means to describe creation and decay. Therefore my every artwork is an endless struggle to capture a moment between something that exists and exists no more. I have realised that knowing exactly what you want to create doesn’t necessarily mean you have to know how to do it all the way through. There is a very exciting part of exploration in not knowing exactly how you want to produce an art piece. Every artwork is a journey you have to take. Taking only paths you know and like is very limiting.

“Make path by walking”. You might lose a lot of potentially marvellous opportunities to grow and develop by not letting yourself take a detour once in a while. You can produce brand new means of expression yet still be linked to your previous experiences. To grow as an artist and expand once practice you have to constantly change. Each work should change your views towards creating new works of art.