Mel Woo

My chosen medium of sculpture and methodology is influenced by a rhythmic process I  have adopted as a means to understand space, dimensions and the relationship that form  has with things in it’s proximity.

The material I enjoy using is fibre and l feel the practice of coiling vessels resonates with  my feminist values. I am a vessel within a vessel, repurposing feminine conventions,  disassociating from traditional contexts such as the endurance nature of the predominant  order.

My sculptural works connective component is a material I have faithfully experimented  with for the past four years. Rope represents the nautical, where lives are lost, where a  hidden world exists, a place where objects float and drift with the currents and stars. I live  by the sea, making forms with rope identifies my practice with my surroundings. The sea  is reminder

that we are living on an island, our borders are fluid and we depart so to  arrive always over water. The beach is awash with what lays beneath, delivered without  request, a tidal movement of arriving and departing, a reflection of our temporary  existence.