Marta Zanatti

The relationship between landscape and spirituality is the source of my project. I’m interested in natural textures, patterns, and natural phenomena. When I’m in a certain place, these visual moments draw my attention and lead me to something bigger than us. A sense of lightness embraces me, and the harmony of nature fascinates me. There’s a connection between what I see and my inner self, and it’s this uncanny experience what I am trying to understand.

I’m a multidisciplinary artist and my practice is mainly printmaking, drawing, photography and painting.

I combine different images and build digital collages. I use fragments of landscapes in order to create new landscapes. These images are the expression of something intangible and mysterious. 

Vija Celmins and her surfaces, Sugimoto and his seascapes, John Constable, JMW Turner and Christiane Baumgartner are some of my references.

Marta Zanatti (Lisbon, 1995) is a multidisciplinary artist and currently lives and works in London. She studied her BA in Painting (Lisbon) and then her MA Fine Art in Printmaking (Camberwell College of Arts). 

Marta Zanatti is currently doing a Fellowship in Printmaking in Camberwell College of Arts, she’s a member of the Regroup Collective, she will show her work in March in an upcoming exhibition, “Withheld” (London) and she will do a residency with “Pousio” (Portugal) in 2022.