Margarida Pinheiro

My most recent body of work is trying to question the difference between the inanimate object and the human object of painting. It explores the boundaries of Portraiture as a genre and prompts the possibility to find identity and human character inherent in more things than just our physical bodies. The idea that “Every still life if a self-portrait” (Gooding, 2020), is at the foundation of my work.

Portraiture and oil painting are usually the mediums I lean on to explore ideas such as these. I am highly interested in Portraiture and the deeper layers of this genre that go beyond than just freezing someone in time. It’s about we as humans and the mystery of what we are.

I recently graduated from a postgraduate degree in Fine Arts: Painting at Camberwell College of Arts UAL with Merit. During 2021 I had the chance of being part of several group shows in London of which the London Grads Now 21. at Saatchi Gallery.