Luisa Mascaro

I experiment with various techniques and express myself using a wide range of materials and processes. Through the intuitive nature of my work the element of discovery is of most significance, allowing accidents and mistakes to occur. Although, sometimes I deliberately provoke them, my interest is to develop flexible thinking through the theory of the law of correspondence which is my main interest and is how I try to understand our behaviours.  As a consequence of understanding them I make conscious decisions.  Not being in an `automatic mode´ and being conscious means to be free. What I find particularly fascinating from an artist’s point of view is that this law is also questioning the idea of solidity as being more illusory than we might think.

In my most recent works, I take the opportunity from these 2D collages to go 3D digital sculptures and then into animations. This has opened a big window of possibilities, going from pixels to the fiscal materials.