Long Yuan

Long Yuan is a multidisciplinary artist based in London and Shanghai. He graduated with Distinction in MA Fine Art Sculpture from Camberwell College of Arts London. He centres his research on humans’ living state in modern times, the relationships between humans and nature, and humans across cultures.

In accordance with the requirements of his works and projects, he often cooperates with people and organizations with different backgrounds, including scientists, ornithologists, psychologists, NGOs, museums etc. Adept at artistic expression in public spaces and inter-media creation, his work probes into multiple challenges; confronting humans and nature in the Anthropogenic age.

His work has been widely exhibited including China Arts Museum, Shanghai Science & Technology Museum, Shanghai International Convention Center, Shen Zhen World Exhibition& Convention Center, West Bund Art Center, Hannah Peschar Sculpture Garden, South London Gallery, Saatchi Gallery, to name a few.

Recently, his new global project” Sustainability Resonator” has been launched and its first exhibition will be exhibited in National Exhibition and Convention Centre, Shanghai in April 2022.