KOPER – Paulina An-Zorge

Poland born artist, living and working in Brighton and London. Master of Fine Arts from Camberwell Collage of Art From 2017 she exhibits widely in the UK and Europe.

Paulina An-Zorge’s mixed media practice comprising collage, sculpture,
video, performance, printmaking and installation to exam an intimate
relationships within the ‘human universe’.

An-Zorge is looking at the structures of psychophysical conditioning and the limits of growth for a conscious and unconscious ‘being’.

In her art practice she applies the lens of common myths, theories, politics, philosophy and the human interpersonal relationships, she marks: “those are the timbers moulding the shapes of ‘being’ …existence itself”.

Her practice celebrates the materiality of ‘the human’ and the imprint ‘we’ create upon the world; the ontology of print-imprint as a perpetual action of a human existence.

An-Zorge’s works aim to impose a reflective questions upon diverse abilities and motivations of ‘the human’. She challenges the structures of the presence and conscious ownership of a possible future.