Jo Gabriele Sheppard

Jo is an artist based in London and Brighton with a practice primarily focused on sculpture, and has a background working as a commercial artist. With an interest in haptic and optic perception, the works are often made from surplus and sustainable materials that can inform drawings, paintings, and notions of materiality and time. Making connections both visually and psychologically.

Incorporating symbolic and primal materials such as copper, clay, plaster and willow, and generating overlaps and loose associations through contrasting materials and processes. Leading to extensity that can be read as a collection of ecological or personal concerns, opening up a narrative between the inside and the outside world through having both.

Jo pulls on the significance of connecting the environment with personal experiences. Mysterious conflations arise, evoking ancient and contemporary ecologies and histories. Her sculpture ‘Cocoon’ was selected for the Hannah Peschar Sculpture Award Show in 2021.