Jeremy Scott

Jeremy responds to the texture of recollection and individual experience, combined with ephemera, found objects, and fragments of oral history, as a means to interrogate broader issues. As V.S. Naipul put it, ‘small things start us in new ways of thinking’. The product form non-polemical outcomes that unfold space for audience contemplation with no commitment to provide solutions.

His recent paintings engage with the moulded textile interface between the public and the private self. Sequestered histories embedded in clothing insinuate the tension between individual and collective experience, pointing to how grand narratives drive attitudes, expectations, and choices. Clothing occupies the space between the private and the public, protecting and confronting simultaneously. Extensive research enables Jeremy to appropriate suggestive elements and symbolic connections from garments to inform outcomes intended to raise questions rather than answers.

Although identifying as a painter, Jeremy’s expanded practice facilitates a varied response, producing outcomes that may be superficially divergent in style and process, but continually return to the source. He often explores the possibilities of non-traditional processes and materials and incorporates found elements in the finished object, whilst embracing accident and chance.