Hugh Goodfellow

Through drawing, painting, print and digital media my creative practice interrogates  contemporary concepts of space and place (Marc Augé, Doreen Massey, Martin Heidegger).  Strongly process led, I often adopt repetitive motifs and methods within my practice. In this  way, printed and drawn motifs become factors in hand-made algorithms. 

The adaptive nature of installations enables a specific dialogue between forms and textures  to arise within each unique exhibition space. Videos and animation are fluid, undoing the  set parameters and functions of physical places. I try to provide a new orientation that  affects the size of a space and restructure its form. This allows the work to confront themes  of non-place and space through its presentation.

In using a variety of materials, the wider system of objects inherits a new set of unions and  philosophies. Printed motifs and drawn imagery also evoking elements of the natural  environment, the morphing forms appear ungrounded. Embodying elements of both  landscape and the human body, they suggest a space or time that is familiar and yet also  somehow other. The implication is that notions of scale and materiality are lost within the  digital world, therefore objects and spaces function in an unfamiliar way. How our bodies  and minds will inhabit this world in the future is left open to speculation.