Emily North

I am a fine artist working primarily with drawing, acrylic painting and recently installation art. An interest in youth culture and night-life, drives the combination of found images and imagined spaces to explore these themes.

Paintings in acrylic on canvas overlap remembered and imagined objects or scenes. In contrast to the loud, colourful and chaotic sensorial overload of a nightclub, these outcomes tend to be quiet and dark, pointing towards memory as a constructed fantasy.

An ongoing series, Garage Station Flowers, employs still life as a lens to examine modern dating and romance. Typically portraying the cheap flowers picked up last minute in a petrol station or supermarket to stand for the desperate state of love in the digital age.

My MA in Fine Art Drawing from Camberwell is my first formal Art qualification, having previously received a BA 1st class Hons in Ancient History from Newcastle University and an MA Merit in Arts and Cultural Management from KCL. I am a semi-finalist for the RBA scholarship to Rome and my work ‘Ex Static // Ecstatic’ will feature in the exhibition ‘RBA RISING STARS 2022’ from April.