Emily Wenman

Painting amorphous works of botanical, bodily landscapes, I capture organic impressions in amongst panels of paint. Hovering between abstraction and a residual sense of figuration, my works exhibit an intensity and hyperactivity of colour and dynamism to the painted surface. Employing a ‘toxicity of colour’ I allude to a ‘manipulated landscape’ of highly cultured flowers and genetically modified plants; reflecting the anthropogenic impact humans have on nature and contemporary cultures obsession with preserving youth and beauty. I place emphasis on the nebulous, indistinguishable, and mystical. With reference to bioluminescence in botanical material and the dazzling ‘structural colours’ of nature, my paintings explore the turbulent ground between the botanical and the bodily, between beauty and toxicity between natural and artificial.

Currently exhibiting at ‘Made In Arts’ alongside artists as part of ‘The Iridescent Collection’.  Reflecting an immersive, sensual visual language of ‘dreamlike fluorescence’, this body of work highlights the ethereal, fantastical, beguiling characteristics of nature and the Sublime.